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Thread: Sick Kids at School

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    Sick Kids at School

    I can't stand how parents send their sick children to school. Just because they don't have a fever, doesn't mean they are well enough to come to school. Germs get passed around and around and around so much at school that it is rare to ever have a healthy class of kids.

    I work in a classroom, so I am so tired of the same cold and flu going around the room all because parents won't keep their kids at home to rest an extra day or two. If parents would just do that, less kids would get sick and spread it around.

    Why won't parents just keep their kids home an extra day or two when they are clearly sick?
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    Probably because they cannot take an extra day off work so they have to send their kids to school. I believe our school's policy is that a child has to be fever free for 24 hours before they can come back to school. I send my daughter when she has a cold, I have to work when I have a cold.

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    Since most people went to work when they didn't feel perfectly well, I imagine some have a hard time deciding whether a child is sick enough to stay home or whethe the kid would be better off going to school. It also may not be clear as to whether a child has something that will be contagious.

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    I think that's what usually happens Bird. It's not so easy to decide if your kid is sick enough to stay at home because kids would choose to stay at home if you gave them the option.

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    My daughter will fake a cough sometimes to stay home because she knows that the school won't let them stay if they have any sign of the H1N1. I know the difference in her coughing, it's obvious that she's pushing it out. The looks I get when I take her out!

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    I work at a highschool. The attendance policy states that if a student is absent more than 10 days in a semester, the student loses the semester's academic credit. This keeps many sick kids coming to school as they try to earn graduation credits.

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