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July 13
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*Name* Charlie
*Age* Young Adult
*Gender/Sex* Cisgender Female
*Sexual Orientation* Bisexual/Pansexual
*Relationship Status* Monogamous Heterosexual Relationship, Open To Polyamory
*Ethnicity* Eurasian And Native American
*Skin* Fair And Freckled
*Eyes* Amber/Brown
*Hair* Dark Chestnut Brown
*Height* 5'0" (152 cm)
*Ayurvedic Prakriti* Vata/Pitta
*Sun Sign* Cancer
*Rising Sign* Virgo
*Myers-Briggs Personality Type* Turbulent INTJ/ISTP
*Philosophical/Political Beliefs* Anarcho-Primitivist, Anti-Pharmaceutical, Deep Ecologist, Voluntary Human Extinctionist
*Spiritual/Religious Beliefs* Animist, Pantheist, Rewilder, Scientist
*Hobbies/Interests* Bushcraft, Camping, Cooking, Foraging, Gardening, Herbalism, Hiking, Painting, And Studying Theology, Psychology, Geology, Ecology, Biology, And Anthropology
*Favorite Music* Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Gospel, Metal, Oldies, Rock, Soul, World
*Favorite Books/Movies/TV Shows* Biographies, Documentaries, Epic Fantasy, Folktales, High Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Science Fantasy, Wilderness Survival
*Fears* Amputation, Baldness, Childbirth, Dismemberment, Paralysis, Poison, Pregnancy, Tooth Loss, Unconsciousness
*Kinks* Anatomy, Biochemistry, Hot Injured Men, Sexy Shaman Women
*Ideal Mate (Physical)* Clean Intact Teeth, Under 5'6" (167 cm) Tall, Shoulder-Length Hair Or Longer, NO Augmented Breasts Or Genitals
*Ideal Mate (Psychological)* NO Drinking Alcohol, NO Smoking Cigarettes, NO Chewing Tobacco, NO Synthetic Drugs Like Antibiotics, Aspirin, Hormonal Contraceptives, Methamphetamine, Psychiatric Medication, Or Vaccines
*Ideal Mate (Spiritual)* NOT Anthropocentric, Atheist, Colonialist, Industrialist, Globalist, Progressive, Technocratic, Transcendentalist, Or Transhumanist
Missouri, USA
Alchemy, Biochemistry, Ethnobotany, Genetics, Herbalism, History, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Physiology
Animal Rights Activist, Artist, Housewife, Nomad, Scavenger, Wildlife Rescuer


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