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Thread: Anybody use Garden's Alive products?

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    Anybody use Garden\'s Alive products?

    I bought some of their copper/rotenone & straight rotenone last spring, and of course got on their catalog list. A few things sound interesting, but expensive! Just curious if anyone has tried any of their xxx-alive, or other organic/natural pesticides etc. or if someone paid the BIG bucks for the "specially formulated fertilizer".

    Gardens Alive
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    Re: Anybody use Garden\'s Alive products?

    I ordered a summer/winter horticultural oil from them when I lived in MD. Moved to NH before I got a chance to use it.
    Two years after moving to NH I got a letter of apology and a $20 gift certificate. Seems other customers complained that
    the oil did not stay in suspension when mixed with water. I never had any trouble with it.

    But I surely am impressed with Gardens Alive's customer service.

    i have ussed their copper/sulfur fungicide for roses. Can't tell if it works exceptionally well or if fungal diseases are less of an issue
    in NH.


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