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Thread: Silly Footwear question.....

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    Re: Silly Footwear question.....

    actually the better version of the "snow moc" which doesnt really exitst is the Snow Clog by
    Solomon which is made for runing around after skiing....they are totally water proof and laces and great year round.

    merrell makes the Jugle Moc... prety much a heavy slipper. made with water resitant suede. alot lett comfortable then the snow clog but cheaper. they do make a water prook alpine moc and a water prook winter moc with gortex but they are pricey.

    there is always the rubber birki clog by berkinstock or you can get the professional clog by dansko.....these guys are super suportive and long lasting.

    hope this helps.

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    Re: Silly Footwear question.....

    Geez, I just hate spending money for that kind of footwear. I cut the tops off my worn out black top, red sole rubber boots - about 2-3" left (a bit of trial and error here to get just the right height so they slip on easily and stay on as you mosey around)- so they look like something the $35+ garden supply clogs but cost $0 'cause I've already worn them past the useful "work in the barn" stage. My favourite pair is now held together with the handyman's friend - Duct tape. My wife hates them, especially when I forget I have them on and go to the general store to pick up something. Apparently a lot of my neighbours are really interested in what I have on my feet [img]/forums/images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    They work for me - cheap, functional and the ultimate in recycling.


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    Re: Silly Footwear question.....

    Thanks for all the great input!!! I hope it helps more than me!
    I forgot about the Salomon moc and I can get pro form!!!

    We shall see though

    Thanks again
    Livin' the simple life, 'ceptin' my high speed internet! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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