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    loft done

    Well, After 2 years of dealing with alls sorts of animals living under my hay bales I finally decided to put a stop to it this year. My stable consist of 2 stalls and a tack area. I only have a couple of llama's I dont use the tack area and store my hay there. Bunnies, racoons, skunks have decied its a plced to live. They burrow under the blaes to setup home.

    Since my llama's dont use a lot of hay each year, (20 large, 30 small bales) I didnt need a lot of space for the hay.
    What I ended up doing was to create a loft over the tack room With enough space for about 20 large bales.
    Here is a photo of me and my helper after completion of the loft and moving this years hay into position. Note the pulley and davits for moving the hay into the loft.

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    Re: loft done

    Lets try to add the phot correctly this time.

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