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Thread: LAKOS sand separator

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    LAKOS sand separator

    Anybody hear of a Lakos sand separator that attaches to the submerged well pump. It is supposed to keep virtually all sand and sediment from entering the pump, help to cool it(?), and extend its life. I was talking to a plumber about sediment control and he said for several hundred dollars this is one of the best items to add to keep your water clear. I've heard about adding a 'spin down' type sediment filter in the basement but not of this sand separator. When looking under alta vista, google, etc. Lakos separators only marginally came up but it was mostly for commercial facilities. It sounds like a great product. Your thoughts?

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    Re: LAKOS sand separator

    Yes I am quite familiar with LAKOS Separators. They use centrifugal action similar to a cylone to separate the particles out of the water. It is not a filter, so some of the finer particles will still pass. We use them on Cooling towers, I have never seen one used as you describe but I don't see why not.

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