I figured the garden was finished, but I put in some fall stuff, like turnips, beets and spinach, just to see how they would do. I also had a row of Commodore beans that had been taken over by weeds during a bad spell of weather. Low and behold, I was out fooling around and checking on my fall stuff, wnd noticed a few beans on the Commodores. I picked enough for about three meals for the wife and me. Best tasting beans we've had all year. Very tender. No strings. I had to pull the weeds back to find them, but they were worth the search. I had about given up on the fall stuff I put in too, but it looks like I may get some turnips, beets and spinach if we don't get a hard freeze before the end of October. Of course, this complicates my handling of the remains of the summer crops. I use a five foot tiller on the garden, and I very cleverly spaced the fall stuff between the summer stuff in such a way as to make it impossible to do any tilling until I harvest whatever fall stuff comes in.