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Thread: water stains in sinks, toilets and tubs

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    water stains in sinks, toilets and tubs

    hello all- I am new here, to this site and to country living, and I'm very glad to have a place to read, learn and ask and possibly share infomation about my new life. I have well water and use a filter cartridge but I am getting stains in my tubs, sinks and toilets.... also my toilet tank is very stained. I'm wondering if anyone has found a miracle cure for this.... preferably a natural alternative to chemicals as I really don't want to contaminate my septic system nor the ground water. I have used baking soda to clean my sinks, it works well, and I have used vinegar in my tub, it works sort-of well but not totally. I'm getting green and brown stains, if that helps.....also one bath is porcelain and the other is a fiberglass shower/tub insert. I am also concerned about our new "city water" that is coming to our town....we are all REQUIRED to "tap in".....Will this chlorinated water un-balance my septic? I have heard chlorine is not good for septic systems, is this true or do they just mean the kind in regular household bleach?
    Thank you for anyhelp you can offer.

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    Re: water stains in sinks, toilets and tubs

    You didn't say what color the stains are? If they are blue then you have acidic water and copper pipes. You will have to have water tested to determine how acidic to determine what time of neutralizer to install. If stains are orange then you have iron in the water. You will have to determine source (well or pipes). You should have water tested at well, and in house. You can buy test kits at Lowes. If the well water has iron in it than you can install filter but, again, you need the test to determine properly how bad the problem is. If it's the pipes, all the pipes, then it's tougher. But you can stop taking iron supplements (just kidding). You will have to install point of use filters. An alternative is a permaganeate filter that Sears used to sell. It coats the pipes with this solution, preventing pipes from rusting. It's tasteless and harmless, but has to be replenished. Don't know if these are still available. The city water should not hurt your septic, but it won't help it either.

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    Re: water stains in sinks, toilets and tubs

    <font color="blue"> I am also concerned about our new "city water" that is coming to our town....we are all REQUIRED to "tap in"..... </font color> If this is the case, I would probably wait to do anything to treat my water now. The right filter for the right job can be pretty expensive. I have experienced the cleaning problems though. To clean the stains from the bathroom fixtures, the best thing we found is called "orange Clean". Paste form and takes some elbow grease, but it does get it off. Forgot where we got ours, probably Wally world. Orange cleaner

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