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Thread: Low producing well help needed.

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    Re: Low producing well help needed.

    Over 2100 gallons a day should be more than enough.


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    Re: Low producing well help needed.

    All the tests are back and the water is of excellent quality. Only a hardness of three which is very unusual for this area. No sulfer, salt or iron to deal with so no treatment needed. The 300 hundred gallon tank and the rest of the system are working fine. Even have been watering the new grass with no problems. Move in date is in two weeks and we will see how the family does with the system.

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    Re: Low producing well help needed.

    Hi Tim :

    Congratulations - I'm envious of your success and hope it works out as well as it seems it will!! I'm having my well drilled next year, about 500' from a salt water river in Nova Scotia. Apparently there are some good wells nearby, but others that get salty water. My fingers are crossed!! [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Ian M.
    Transferred to Nova Scotia, retired at the end of June 2009!!! And bought a tractor!!!

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    Smile Rock fracturing

    Quote Originally Posted by TimSullivan View Post
    We had a well drilled on the site of my son's new home. It recovers at a rate of one to two gallons a minute. This is not something we have dealt with before and are going to install a storage tank in the basement with a timer to fill it around the clock.

    We have talked about just drilling again in another location but that will put a dent in the budget.

    Any help out there?
    Try putting dry ice down the well, seal the top for about 4 hours. This will fracture the rock down below, and allow more water to come to the surface. Good luck.

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