The meat goat market seems to be doing increasingly well in this region of the country. Apparently there is an increasing demand for goat meat in the upper mid-Atlantic and Northeast corridors. I'm told it is an expanding ethnic market.

I know that running Boer Goats with cattle has several advantages (no common parasites, cleaning up what cattle won't eat, etc.). Also know there are several disadvantages (need for serious fences, predator control, lots of foot trimming in wetter areas, medical costs, and so on). I've been told that guard donkeys or a couple of good Pyranese guard dogs help keep predators at bay.

My rotational paddocks are all hot wired with three-wires and adding a few more strands wouldn't be any problem. My perimeter board fences have single strand hot wires to keep the cattle from leaning on the fence boards. Adding some hot wire to the board fences wouldn't be difficult either. Not only do seriously hot fences keep critters in but they also keep predators out. So, I don't see any problem keeping the goats home if I add some additional hot wires and a guard animal or two.

My real interest is whether or not running Boer goats with cattle is worth the effort. I'm thinking about adding some goats to a series of paddocks in a 22 acre experimental rotational grazing operation using some techniques developed in Argentina. I think the goats would generate a few additional dollars without a whole lot of extra investment.

It is my understanding that one billy can service about thirty does. I'm thinking about putting on a couple dozen does. There is a boer goat breeder selling good quality stock not too far from here.

If anyone is running a goat/cattle operation, I'd be interested in hearing about your experience, plus some pros and cons.