Today I decided it was time to rebuild my 16' bumper pull livestock trailer. I've owned it for a few years and it was starting to look a little ratty and I was becoming concerned about the brakes.

In addition to putting on new brakes, a new trailer jack, rewiring, patching holes, and repainting, I'm also going to put in a new floor using pressure treated wood. I intend to roll the lower half of the inside of the trailer, the mid-gate, the sides, the inside of tail gate and the floor with truck bedliner material similar to the Line-X material that I have in the bed of my truck.

The bedliner material in very durable and non-slip. Also, it I'm thinking it will hold up better to urine and manure than plain paint. In the past, I've tossed some hay or straw on the floor before transport and then removed it after hauling livestock when washing out the inside of the trailer.

Has anyone here used bedliner material on the inside of their livestock trailer? Also, do you think I can get by not using any bedding material?