My sawyer called to say I could pick up some sawn lumber from logs I had previouisly dropped off. He cut about 10% and gave up...too tough, blades going dull on the band mill in less than one pass (12 feet.) I let the stuff lay too long before taking it to the mill (he added significant delays as well.)

In all the old newsreels and movies the logs were sent down water lubricated flumes to the river where they were rafted up and accumulated till floated down stream to the mill. My over the head light bulb flickered dimly.. I started taking the uncut logs by tractor to one of my ponds, largest and best first. Of the first 8 only one floated.

Previously I tried to keep a couple prime hickory logs wet by floating them in a pond. They both sank like stones. I thought maybe pecan, red oak, and or white oak might float. Well mostly they don't.

I would like opinions regarding whether or not soaking dry logs will make them easier to saw AND how long it might take, 6 days, 6 months, 6 years, or forever and not work.

If this isn't going to work I can save time and just square up the ends and use them basically as is for columns above concrete piers to support a mezzanine floor in a barn ( the 35x70 one I moved intact a quarter mile)