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Thread: Pennsylvania Do's and Don'ts with streams on property

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    Pennsylvania Do's and Don'ts with streams on property

    I live in PA, I can't get a straight answer about touching brush or doing things along two streams going through my property, you ask the EPA they say talk to the PA natural resouces, ask natural resources they say talk to the EPA, typical government stuff

    Anyways are there any experts in streams and soil rerrosion in Pennsylavania????

    My neighbors have the grass groomed up to the streams, mine still has buffer zones/' brush but i want to be able to walk it and enjoy it.

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    DCNR should be the authority. My brother has a good length of stream as part of his property line and from what we understand as long as you do not damn or alter the natural path of the stream you are ok. We are in nepa

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    We are also in NePA and I would say your local department of ag. You could also contact the chesapeak bay foundation. You might be eligable for CREP or Ripparian buffer payments.

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