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Thread: Boer Goat Talk

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    Thank you all for the information you have given. My sister is going to go ahead and pick up a couple Boer does that are bred already. After reading this, she is not going give them minimal grain and good pasture suplemented with hay when needed. She is looking forward to some babies being born.

    I have a picture of my minature donkey jack named Jememiah in the 'Furry Friend' contest on the Homesteading forum. If you happen to head over that way, give us a vote !!!


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    My husband and I raise boer boer cross kiko and we are expanding into gene masters It has been a challenging choice but totally addictive we have gone from 4-5 goats to over forty and hope to double before the end of the year. alot of learning going on but thanks to folks who do not mind sharing we have been able to solve most delemas without any huge diasters. We have both registered and commercial herds. I am not overly nastolgic but all my goats have names and I have a book of namesfor the 200 does I plan to have in the next 5 years when God sees fit to enlighten me how to get a barn built, My husband and I live with our 5 children in southern Ontario Canada. I have managed to fail at every other animal I have tried to farm. Either I failed to keep them alive or raccoons and coyotes ate them all but this time we put up 5 wire fence alternating hot and ground and the goats have stayed in and the predators stayed out so far. Thank God I have finally found a profitable stay at home job.

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    Hey guys, anyone still active out there? We are having some kids now (planned) and have an enclosed barn to keep them in and we are doing well with what we have...5 healthy kids on the ground! Lost one to an inexperienced mom. Kid was the first born but one of the cranky moms came due and put her in with the other girls and away from the boys and wethers. I think she killed to one kid, it was doing fine and there was a commotion in the barn one nite and 2 days later the kid had passed on. No other signs of infection or

    As far as fencing, we have discovered that the wire mesh for reinforcing concrete works good for fencing, but not so good for feeders, the welds are not stong enough. Kind of inbetween cattle panel and welded wire and cheaper than either.
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    Old Boer Help

    About 5 yrs ago two boer females found their way to our place. They lived wild and spent time in a cave or old goat shed in woods --we provided straw water and feed. About a year ago one got tetnus and we had her put to sleep. The remaing one started hanging out with the deer. My wife decided she (the goat that is) was lonely so we bought two more boers--a small doe and a wither. After some coaxing we got them all fenced together with shelter. Everything was fine until Rascal the male started ramming me and other goats when we fed. He seems to sense that the old goat is getting weaker and he has gotten more agressive. In the past few days we have separated the old one at night with her own water and feed--that is working but he still takes a shot once in a while. They are well cared for eating, hay, medicated goat feed and veggie scraps. He has nailed me a couple times when I bend over to fed and give him the perfect target. Any thing we can do to protect old goat and reduce his agressiveness other than goat roast--my wife will not allow that.

    Thanks for your help.


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    There is nothing you can do to change his behavior. I would suggest that you sell him and buy another doe about the same age and size as the other doe. Good luck.
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