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Thread: Backyard firepits

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    I have been trying to talk my husband into getting one of these or building one. I think it would be a nice addition to my back yard. We always have wood piles from trees falling and such so it isn't an issue to have something to burn.

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    First time posting here, though been lurking on & off for a spell. Like the laid back style of the site.

    And laid back, simple, and rustic is how I built the fire pit... just as one would when camping out. Dug a pit 'bout a foot or so deep and a yard across, lined the side up to and above upper edge with rocks, voila!

    Oh, and being around big tree area, was no problem finding stumps about 2-feet high by 2-ft round to surround the pit to sit on. And chained sawed them flat, bottom and top, naturally. Of course the back porch with padded chairs is but a few feet away for those who like x-tra comfort.

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    Backyard firepit, grill that fits over it and 48" tripod for the camp dutch oven. Plus the dinner bell, all home made (except the CDO). Doesn't get much better than that.

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    Heres what I use it is a liner out of a rock crusher 2 inch thick steel, I just move it around the place to where ever we want to hang out.

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    My parents have a little firepit in their backyard. Whenever they have family gatherings, it's nice because everyone sits outside around the fire. Sometimes we make smores which is pretty makes me feel like a little kid again.

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