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Thread: What kind of plant do I need for this?

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    What kind of plant do I need for this?

    I am really looking to plant something that will give us some privacy from our neighbors. I may have to hear them but I don't have to see them everytime we come outside! I am looking to plant something that will grow pretty large up near the fence and it's in full sun Georgia heat. Suggestions?

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    Its rapid growth rate and lustrous leaves make Chinese Photinia an excellent choice for use as a privacy hedge or living screen in areas where there is plenty of room to grow. Chinese Photinia can also be used as an attractive specimen tree. Its growth habit, however, is more oval as compared to the upright form of the Red-tip. Plant Chinese Photinia in well-drained soil with full sun exposure for best results. Happy gardening!

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    Evergreens and shrubs can both be used to provide living privacy fences. I prefer them over wooden privacy fences any day. You should have no problem growing them in Georgia.

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    One thing you could do is stake a few trellises and let some vining plants climb up on them. Depending on what you like, you could get some nice flowering vines, grapevines or even beans.

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    Eleagnus Ebbingei is a fast growing large shrub that loves full sun

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    Drive around your neighborhood and see what thrives in your area before you spend your money.

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    I go with jimmyj's suggestion. It is best to look around your neighborhood to see what thrives best in your area. For more suggestions take a look at this link: Best Shrubs for Privacy - LoveToKnow Garden

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    Wax Myrtles, also called bayberry. They might be a little hard to find, because they are native, nobody wants native plants, everybody wants something from china, australia, or some other far away place at different latitude.
    These plants attract a lot of different birds, have a very pleasant scent, and can be shaped easily. I planted them on my property line years ago and they are great mostly because they are native so they are resistant to all of the weather changes, insects and diseases that non native plants are subject to. All I did is plant it and forget it.

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