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Thread: How good is Homeschooling?

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    How good is Homeschooling?

    I am writing to see if homeschooling is a good idea for kids. I have heard alot of good things and have really considered trying it with my kids. I have kids ranging from 2-12. Of course I would give them the option but I know 3 that is totally up for it. I don't really know anything about it so I would be starting from scratch. I know you have to buy the books and I would really like to find Christain based books. Also if you have children homeschooling how hard is it with the different ages? And with the 2 year old that will be here. How would college work? Do colleges have problems with homeschool? Thanks for all your feedback.

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    My brother & SIL did it for a few years for their kids. Can't say that it worked any better than a traditional school setting. States and collleges have testing and can deal with evaluation of a home schooled student. However, I can't imagine it being a "plus" when the top, highly selective colleges in the country are evaluating a student for admission. I know that this is a very emotional topic for those who advocate for home schooling but I don't see the advantages of doing it and I see lots of disadvantages. Going to school prepares kids for "life" in more ways than just "book learning". Socialization skills, learning to deal with authority on a daily basis other than their parents, punctuality in getting to school/classes, responsibility, etc. I think some parents want to shelter their kids from the "bad" influences in schools or feel they can teach better or simply just want to have "control" over their kids lives. I expect that there will be people who will respond to that comment with ferocity, but I think my 3 kids learned a lot in their elementary and high school years that they would have missed if they were home schooled.

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    I am also considering home schooling for my daughter, but I think I have a pretty good reason for it. I can't afford to send her to private school and our local public school is positively terrible. It is such a bad school district that I have a friend who recently sold her house and moved just so she could pull her daughter out of it. Moving is not an option for me so home schooling is on the table for consideration.

    jml755 makes a lot of good points. I think you just need to look at the reason behind why you want to home school. Is it something the kids are pushing for and, if so, why? Was it your idea in the first place and, if so, why? If you're having a problem with their current school, do you have other options in the district?

    If you're absolutely sure this is what you want to do then you should probably get together with other home schooling families in your area and pick their brains about how to get started.

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    My daughter will be going into the 3rd grade this Fall and I am seriously considering homeschooling her. She is a very good student, but she just absolutely does not enjoy going to school. My son will be a junior in high school and he has always loved school and being with his friends. I honestly don't think my daughter would miss not seeing her friends everyday. Where would be the best place to go to find out information about homeschooling in the state of Ky?

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    The majority of homeschooled children are better educated than public school children. I have seen quite a few obtain college scholarships. As a matter of fact quite a few more than public school children.

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    Homeschooling means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Research as much as you can, think about the pros and cons from every angle and have family discussions about it. It is a great commitment and a very rewarding one. Sonlight has a wide range of Christian curriculum.

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    I know they have to take tests to see where they are at and what they are learning. There is a homeschool group around here but I don't feel like I am qualified to do this. There are things I can teach my kids but there are things that I can't and I would rather them go to where people have the education and training to do it.

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    I home schooled all my children and now I use a virtual school with my grands. I was going to disagree but will not. You need to have a good reason to home school. Home schooling is not an 8:00-3:00 job. To get your children the socialization skills that were mentioned, you have to expose them to different situations and people -- field trips. Check with your local library. They usually have times set aside for home school study groups. Zoos and other parks have special home school days. Whatever your decision, your input will be crucial to a successful education.

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    Homeschooling can be a great option for those parents that are willing to put in the time and effort that it takes to do it right. I know many parents where this has not been the case at all and their children's educations have suffered for it.

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    I have a friend who homeschools her son and my neighbor homeschools her daughters. I don't have children, but it's the option I would choose if I did, at least until they became old enough to go to high school. I'm not familiar with programs that are available, but my friend raves about the one she uses.

    One of the biggest concerns I've heard about is about socialization. People say homeschooled kids lack that, but it really depends on how much effort parents are willing to put into it. My friend has networked with other parents and their children go on field trips together. I've read that some programs have sports teams, so socialization is available if parents take advantage of it.

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