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Thread: Garlic failure

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    Garlic failure

    For the last few years I've had me a nice crop of garlic in a sort of table garden we have here in the side yard. I grow garlic and hot peppers there, well I did till them dang woodchucks went and gobbled all my pepper plants. I figured sure them peppers would kill them woodchucks, but I didn't see any carcuses around or vultures overhead so they must have lived.

    Thing is I normally plant the garlic in the fall and it does just fine coming up and growing like it should. Last year I took sick after I harvested garlic, and by time I got to remembering to plant and feeling good enough to do the planting the ground was froze solid and it didn't seem like a good idea to plant in frost. I set aside the garlic I was going to plant in the shed, and this spring when the ground thawed and warmed up a bit I planted that garlic. Not one single dang garlic stem sprouted.

    I just can't understand it, unless the garlic seeds froze and that killed em off from sprouting after I put em in the ground. Now the thing is not 5 feet from the ones I planted in spring are a whole bunch of sprouts coming up from garlics that must have been left behind when I harvested last fall cause they are all right there in that area. It just don't make sense they came up after being froze in the ground and the ones that froze in the shed didn't come up.

    Anybody else ever had this experience?

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    I've about 1 acre in "WILD" garlic it was here when I bought this ground 20 years ago and been growing "Wild"since I 'm in zone #5 . What I've learned about it is planting by seed usually takes1-2 years B4 you see any clove or bulb formation ... I use both to reintroduce new into the feild to keep the area . There are alot of different types of garlic... mine is a smaller bulb... max size is about the size of a golf ball...very very strong though seems to do well in a clay/sandy well draned full sun area ... hope that helps


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    I have never grown it but are you putting the garlic in the same spot each year. Have you considered rotating where you grow it every few years?

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