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Thread: RiGid Building Systems metal building?

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    RiGid Building Systems metal building?

    Anyone build a Rigid building?

    I need a garage/storage/workshop and the seismic requirements make stick built a little complicated. I like the idea of a metal building, but the wife demands it match the house and be aesthetically pleasing.

    Rigid offers a Stucco wall panel and tile-looking roof panels. I haven't got the quote yet, but I'd like some feedback if anyone has used them.



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    the idea of windows in metal building is quite good, as one can have the feel of air

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    I would suggest Metal Buildings from Absolute Steel. They come in a variety of styles and models to fit most any budget and taste. They have even got the traditional looking metal building kits garage building kits for a small 200 square foot garage, or a large 4,000 square foot commercial metal building.

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