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Thread: Log cabin plans

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    Log cabin plans

    We have been wanting a log cabin for years and I think we're finally going to take the plunge next year. I was looking at some plans online last night and I am so excited. Making the decision on the final plan is going to be hard - I loved them all!

    My husband is still trying to decide if he's going to build it himself or hire contractors. I want him to hire people because it will get done faster, but if does it himself it will be cheaper. Decisions, decisions.

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    How exciting! Maybe he could hire contractors for part of the work and do part of it himself. If he does hire contractors, he should get references and make sure they will do the work the way you want it done. Some contractors really cut corners.

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    The pride you can have by doing yourself is priceless. It might take longer, but you can also call it a labor of love. I would go for it.

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    If your husband has enough knowledge about construction and has the capability to do it by himself, why not? He can hire a helper for some of the odd jobs.

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    We didn't build a log home, but we built a custom home. We hired a contractor to do everything up to and including dry wall. The two of us did everything else except the finish electric work and cabinetry. What we saved allowed us to afford nicer materials.

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    This looks like an old thread...has the cabin been completed yet? Post pictures.

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