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Thread: Skunk in the Laundry Room.

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    Skunk in the Laundry Room.

    We have a laundry that is attached to the house on one side of our front porch,and the other morning I heard some rattling coming out of it.I took my dog outside to see what it was, at first we thought it was the cat, but low and behold, it was a skunk foraging through the cat food. The dog got sprayed a little, but she got scared a lot. She chased it off and got treats for the rest of the day.

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    Oh my! That is crazy! I can't believe that you all didn't get sprayed, it's the first thing a skunk will do when they feel they are in danger. It's good that you didn't have a big mess to clean and a smelly dog to deal with.

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    I had a German Shepard get sprayed once. It was so bad. We had to bathe her in tomato juice for days. Good thing that skunk got away without causing you too much trouble.

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    In the laundry, yikes, did you have to re wash your stuff? Our dogs get sprayed quite regularly and I find it's very important to keep mutliple bottles of skunk neutralizer on hand. They sell it in pet shops and it really works, much better than tomoto juice.

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    Skunks use to get into our feed room and tear open the dry cat food bags. We finally found out where he was getting in at and closed it up. He was really a social little fellow and was really cute, but we didn't want him hanging out at our place. Once the food source was out of reach for him, he moved on. He did spray my son once who got to close and the 'Skunk Off' we bought at the feed store did a pretty good job getting the smell off him and his clothes.

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    I keep having the same problem with skuns in garage who somehow get in there during the night and eating through our garbage bags. I'd like to just a trap, but I would imagine a trapped skunk would spray all over the place and then I'd have a larger problem to deal with. Any suggestions on how to mget rid of skunks ?

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    I came home one night to my door open and a skunk in the house. The wife absolutely refused to get out of the car and so I ran it out the back door. Luckily, I didn't get sprayed and neither did my house.

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    Sounds like you got really lucky. I had some idiot shoot one and then bring it in chasing me with it years ago. I wanted to shoot him because it made my house stink.

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