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Thread: How Is Your Garden Doing?

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    How Is Your Garden Doing?

    The summer heat was really hard on gardens in my area. We planted some tomato and pepper plants late, after the heat had started, and the plants dried up. I'm sure part of it was because the roots weren't established, and we probably didn't water them enough.

    Others have talked about their gardens not producing well. How about your garden? How is it doing?

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    Our garden has been awesome. It is starting to slowly stop though, it is just about the right time. It's getting cooler at night - no frost yet though. We have had so much that we have been canning and freezing just about everything.

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    We did OK for squash, tomato, raspberries, asparagus, potato, cabbage, but as was the case every year, some crops were a bust. The onions and peas were a total failure this year.

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    My garden ended up being invaded by red ants. They got most of my potatoes which was very disappointing, the ones they didn't get were so delicious! How do you keep red ants out of your garden without pesticides?

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    Just about done gardening here, not too bad considering had 2 gardens due to a move. Garden 1 had good crop of peas. Corn got blown over plus cucumbers. The raised beds are really nice to work in.

    garden 2 was planted by the original owners. Cukes, indian corn (VERY pretty), cherry tomatoes, and dill. The dill got taken out by the new mound system that local regulations said we had to have (do not get me started). New place has pear trees and wow they just came ripe and are they sweet. I did not even know we could grow pears up here!! Soon hope to see what all the nut trees are producing and how to get them edible. Black walnut, butter nut, and i think a chestnut.
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    I was out of town for nearly a year, so my garden dried up and nothing was left of my plants. I will be starting a new garden soon...

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    I really didn't garden this year - I have too many squirrels to fight with. I did, however, get some tomato seeds and I may just turn my sunroom into an indoor garden. But, I will try that in the spring, since I know that my sunroom gets a bit cold in the winter....

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    I didn't plant anything last summer either. I had been feeling ill and just didn't feel like being out in the sun, tending to plants. But this year, I'm hoping to, at least, get some tomatoes, peppers and squash in the ground. There's nothing like a nice, red, home grown tomato!

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    I have just planted some rose in my garden . so you can plant some more type of rose in it.

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    Hi dear am newbie here and i want to say that Our lawn has been amazing. It is beginning to gradually quit though, it is just about the best. It's getting chilly in the evening - no ice yet though. We have had so much that we have canned and cold just about everything.

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