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Thread: Farmer's Market

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    WOW to this and I'm not at least shock at this.

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    I do believe that the American people have been spoiled by the low prices that we have had on the fruits and vegetables that we consume. If you knew how much work went into the production of the produce that we eat you would not think that the prices were to high.

    From the middle of July until the middle of September, 100 hour work weeks are normal for me, the work season starts in March and ends somewhere between November and December and this does not count the planning and other winter work.

    After expenses I do not even obtain minimum wage, so do not complain about the prices with a full mouth of fresh grown produce.

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    WOW! I am so glad I don't have to buy tomatoes in Alaska or where your from! My garden grew better this year than last and my dad is canning his tomatoes. Luckily for me I am the only one in our house of 4 that eats them, so even if I had to buy them it would only be a couple.

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