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Thread: Cordless drill suggestions

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    Cordless drill suggestions

    All right guys, I need some help. I want to get my husband a new cordless drill for Christmas and I'm not sure what brand to get. He told me a while back what he was thinking of getting, but I didn't write the darn thing down. And I can't ask him now because whenever I ask him about tools he knows he's getting one. All I remember is that he said it cost about $200. Any ideas?

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    Hello, DeWalt has served me well for years. I am a contractor and abuse my tools and have never had a failure. I have had the 18 and 24 volt tools. I sold the 24 v, seemed they just weighed to much. Last year I bought a 18 v lithium set of Ryobi, not as tough as DeWalt but good value. If you do buy him a Ryobi set make sure you get the Lithium tools, the green ones not the blue ones. Terry
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    I have an 18v Ryobi drill and I have no complaints. It's good for smaller jobs like building a ping pong table, but if you're doing something like framing work, get a 24. They have more power.

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    Terrific, guys Thank you! A 24v is probably the way to go since he does do some larger projects from time to time. Thanks for your help. Now I can shop for him without having to blow the surprise.

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