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    Christmas trees

    I would love to own a Christmas tree patch. We have about 2 acres of land that we are not doing anything with. We are a fairly young family and I see us here for the next 50+ years.

    How do we go about having a Christmas tree farm? How much work is involved and how long would it take to get some decent size trees?

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    To start a Christmas tree patch, you are going to need to have cleared land that is fairly free of stumps. You'll want to plant the seedlings (transplants) in rows, which you will want to take a string and mark off if you want them straight. Plant the seedlings using a spade to open the ground, but make sure you can get the seedlings in the hole without damaging the roots. When you close the hole, it's important to get the air out. I think the distance to plant them apart is 5 feet, but I don't remember for sure.

    As they grow, you'll want to keep the weeds out, so you'll need to mow down the rows at least once every summer. In order to shape them, you need to trim (shear) them every year. I believe spring after they have set their buds is the right time. There's only a window of time to shear them, so you'll need to check on that.

    The time it takes to get a full-grown Christmas tree varies according to the size you want, but I think it's at least 7 years average for one that's 5 to 7 feet tall. Before you get into growing Christmas trees, you should check out the market. If you plan to let people come to your place and pick one out in the patch, you will probably do well. People sometimes make a tradition of doing that. Two acres is not going to produce a lot of Christmas trees, but it should produce enough for some extra Christmas money.

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    There is a Christmas tree farm not too far from me and they do a fairly good business. If you don't go early enough the best trees get taken each year. I think they have about 20 acres though. We go every year for our tree!

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    I always use a plastic trees but I have always wanted to use a real tree. There is a Christmas tree farm here that does really well. They also have a pumpkin patch and some other things. It would be so fun to run something like that.

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    I would say that SallyA gave you some great information. I was thinking about 5 years for 1 tree to grow. The key is to plant another one each time you cut one down. You will want to plant them in stages too, so they are not all at the same stage.

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