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Thread: Proper protection

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    Proper protection

    My son wants to work for a friend who owns a logging company. I said sure why not. What would he need to wear to be properly protected? He will be doing it all.

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    He will need boots (steel toe) in case a log drops on his feet. Good working gloves to protect his fingers. A hard helmet, the one with the eye visor and the ear muffs, this will keep sawdust out of his eyes and his ears won't hear the chainsaws as much.

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    Neo25 enumerated them all. Include a couple of jackets and strong jeans to protect his body from the elements and from whatever small things may come flying around.

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    I would suggest chainsaw chaps also. Could save him from a wicked cut......
    Have fun and staysafe...

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    Ear plugs, as well as ear muffs - it can get pretty noisy as well as cold out there! And don't forget the Long Johns in cold weather!

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    Most of the logging companies (even the small operators) around here (Southeast US) are mechanized. The machine operators are well paid. This can be a great opportunity if the friend will teach your son to operate and maintain the big machines. These companies are under OSHA and state jurisdiction. The company should tell your son what safety equipment he needs to buy (and what the company will furnish) before he can start work.

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    I always thought that you had to be properly certified, after undergoing training, to do something as dangerous as using a chainsaw? Maybe it's different in the USA?

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