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Thread: Ouch! smashed my finger

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    Ouch! smashed my finger

    We went out to cut wood today and I smashed my finger between a piece of wood and the splitter. It hurts but it did not bleed. I was not paying enough attention to what I was doing.

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    Oh man, I feel your pain. Smashed my finger in a car door when I was young, hurt like heck and was not pretty as I lost the nail in the end but thank goodness it grew back, hope your ok.

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    You have to be careful and pay attention. It's a good thing you didn't cut it off with the wedge if you were splitting wood! I'm glad you didn't though. I too have slammed my finger in the car door a couple of times. It hurts awful!

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    That sounds like something I would do! I have smashed my fingers too many times to mention, even broke 2 of them this way! You better be more careful next time.

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    I'm notorious for accidents like that. I've been lucky and haven't broken anything (yet) and I can't remember the last time I lost a nail. I'm always good for clobbering myself with the hammer. I start working on something and moving along and next thing I know my mind wanders and boom.

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    Sorry, to read about your smash finger. Know what it feels like. Expect cutting the wood part of it.

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    Well, you are lucky that your finger is still there to feel pain! It could have been a lot worse, if the splitter had slipped!

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    It's a machine splitter, we built it so there is no slipping of the splitter. I had smashed it between the wood and the wedge. I am lucky my finger was not on the front of the wood, it would have been cut off. I usually am pretty careful.

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    Ouch, that must hurt! I have ever dropped a big hammer on my left foot. It hit the first toe hard and I ended up losing my toenail. Stupid!

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