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Thread: asphalt or gravel

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    asphalt or gravel

    I have been having problems with my gravel washing away in my driveway. I was thinking of using crushed asphalt mixed with gravel to maybe strengthen it up. Anyone have any ideas on what to do. I do not want to pave it though. It is a quarter mile long on a dirt road so no ruining it!

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    Mixing it with asphalt maybe a good idea to make them stick together. You can also put some bricks along the edges to contain the mixture in place.

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    u just need to use crusher run gravel and pack it down with a vehicle it won't go anywhere i have installed many drives with this material and none has ever washed out

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    A lot of people where I live (in the south) use chert rock to make driveways. Somehow, it holds together better than gravel and doesn't run off as bad or as quick.

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    If you can get a hold of some black basalt, that might help solve your problem. Here in the west it is used frequently because it is very hard, and when crushed, it locks together.

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    try asphalt millings. this is recycled asphalt. have someone lay them about 2 or inches thick, and then roll them in. if you spray them with some diesel first you will loosen up the binders and it will hold together for a long time.

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    There is always the option of doing a chip seal (also called tar and chip) on the drive. It offers a gravel surface, but there is a layer of hot asphalt oil sprayed down and the a layer of small aggregate laid over the top. A pneumatic tire roller goes over the finished job and presses the aggregate in to the tar layer. it looks like a gravel drive, doesn't require a seal job every few year like asphalt. And provides a good traction surface in winter. Basically solving a lot of problems, at the lowest cost of any kind of paving job and easiest and cheapest to maintain. Typically, a complete long drive can be done in one day, and ready to drive on the next day. Water runs off and doesn't take the rock with it. surface underneath stays dry so it doesn't soften up in spring melt or heavy rain weather. Same thing that many rural counties do to county roads instead of doing a full asphalt or concrete paving job. They way they used to do major roads back in the Pre-WWII days. You might have seen a movie or two where a chain gang was spreading fine gravel over a new laid layer of sprayed asphalt oil on a road. Same thing. Many rural counties still do it this way, but don't use chain gangs but spreading equipment.
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