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Thread: Brick patio

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    Brick patio

    Our home is a bit old and some parts are starting to wear out. Our front porch is brick with some tile in-lay. Some of the bricks are chipping, as well as the tile. Is the only way to fix this to start over from scratch?

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    Without actually seeing it's hard to say conclusively, but you can replace both ricks and tile by cutting and chiping away the old one and replacing. If the house is old your probably not going to be able to match existing very well and the new stuff is going to stand out like a sore thumb.

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    Robert's right about a potential matching problem. Depending on your style and the style of your house, you could consider taking up every few bricks/tiles (even if they aren't chipped or broken) and replacing them so that this mismatching looks intentional.

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    I agree with CarrieAnn's idea. You can mix the old and new tiles/bricks into a pattern so that they don't look an eye sore but a mix and match design.

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