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Thread: Whats everyone reading at the moment or been reading

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    I'm sure people read for different reasons. For many years, most of my reading of books was to learn something, but now most of my reading of books is for entertainment. And most of that is by Patrick F. McManus. I have 12 of his books; just recently bought The Grasshopper Trap and Kerplunk!. I'm in the middle of The Grasshopper Trap and haven't started Kerplunk!. The other 10 I've read; some more than once. For those of us who grew up in the country, hunting, fishing, and camping, McManus books are hilarious because we can identify with his stories. The first of his books I ever read, A Fine and Pleasant Misery, was in the early '80s when we still had a couple of teenago daughters at home. My wife and daughters thought I'd lost my mind (maybe I had) because I'd be reading and laughing so hard tears would run down my cheeks. However, perhaps his best known book is They Shoot Canoes, Don't They?

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    I am re-reading my Harry Potter series for the nth time. It takes away the cobwebs in my brain after a long time in front of the pc. Some adventure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarrieAnn View Post
    I hear ya, Downhome. Once in a while I need a break from the heavy stuff too. I read the Twilight series at the beginning of the summer for that very reason. Then the vampire thing was sparked in me so I went back and re-read Bram Stoker's Dracula. Now I am re-reading Wuthering Heights for probably the 50th time.
    CarrieAnn, Bram Stoker's "Dracula" is one of my all time favorite as well as "Wuthering Heights". You should follow with "Jane Eyre". I love the Bronte sisters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meghan View Post
    Right now I am reading Stephen King's The Stand and I recently finished his book Misery. My husband and I found a great library that does book sales once a month and we got a bunch of Stephen King hardbacks for 50 cents!
    I haven't read "The Stand" but saw the mini series, and "The Stand" is in my list of books to read. I recommend "Under the Dome". It is one of his newer books and it was fantastic. I am looking forward to a mini series about it. I would also recommend "The Tommyknockers" and "It" which I am reading for the 5th time. Actually I am listening to it because I just bought the audiobook.

    As for me, like I said before I am enjoying once again "It", and I am almost finished reading "The Dark Tide" by Andrew Gross. I have been inspired to re-read "Dracula" again and maybe even little Jules Verne to remember my youth.

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    I have started reading J.R.R. Tolkien's book again. I love his writing and enjoyed all of the Lord of the Rings series. I finished the Hobbit not long ago and have gotten quite a few of his other books.

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    I am rereading all of my Anne Rice vampire series. I started with Interview With A Vampire and intend to go through them all over again.

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    Since childhood I dream to be a cook and As usually I read cooking cat lock for prepared any new recipes. and I have prepared many more dishes in my house and I like that profession. I want to become very success full cook.

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    I just finished the third book in Christopher Pike's "Thirst" Series. I recently started the "Night World" series by L.J. Smith, the same author who wrote "Vampire Diaries" and I have enjoyed both series, but I like vampire books.

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    Well, I love to read bio's. I just finished up a book called Inside the Kingdom by Carmen Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden's sister in law. It was very interesting to see how women are really treated in that culture. I also enjoy reading books about family life and homeschooling. I really do not have lots of time to read, as I have two girl's at home and I homeschool, but I do enjoy it. :thumbsup:

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