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Thread: Cross stitch and flea markets

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    Cross stitch and flea markets

    Many years ago I used to cross stitch in my spare time. Then I would share a booth with a few friends at the local flea market. I was able to make a little extra income that way. Does anyone know if you can still make money like that?

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    Sure, why not. I see a lot of cross stitch prints at craft shows and flea markets. I would make them into something, like wall hangings or pillows. I bet they would sell better if they were made into something. What do you do with the cross stitches when you are done stitching them?

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    I have never thought of selling them because people usually don't want to pay for the time it takes to do crafts.

    I would like to know if someone knows of a web site offering free cross stitch patterns? Please share.

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    A friend of mine crochets and does cross stitch. She puts them on EBay and Esty and sells them. She doesn't sell a lot but does make some on the side income from it. I am sure they would sell at the local Flea Market also.

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    Right now I just save them up. Then when Christmas gets close I frame them and make pillows and other things out of them to give as gifts. People seem to like the gifts and it does save me a lot of money.

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    I dont know how much help this can be, but you could go to a different Flea Market to see if anyone is also selling cross stitch and you can get a chance to see how busy they are or arent. It will also give you a chance to get an idea of pricing. Then for around the holidays, there is a craft that seems to be growing in popularity. Dry soups, or cocoa or cookie mix in a jar with a recipie on how to cook it with what ingredients to add. You could incorporate your cross stitch designs to enhance the jar – either on top or on the sides of the jar. Just one possible suggestion. Happy stitching!

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