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Thread: Barn mural

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    Barn mural

    I want to have a mural done on the side of one of our barns that is visible from the roads. I do not paint or know anyone who does. Where can I go to find someone to paint this mural?

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    I would start with the local high school art teacher. Or, better yet, if you have a college nearby check in there.
    Good luck and let us all see the end result.
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    What a fun idea! You have to post pictures here when you get it done.

    What subject do you plan for the mural? Do you have something specific in mind already?

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    I bet that is going to be pretty cool! I have seen some of these done before. Have you googled painters in your area yet? I really don't know where else I would start. You can ask around and see if there are any local people that paint murals?

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    You could always find a picture you want and grid it out or project it onto the side of your barn and trace over the lines. Then its just paint by number!
    To grid it out do a say 1''x1'' grid on the drawing and make the gride on the side of the barn 1'x1' then you just have to draw each box (makes it easier then drawing the whole thing).

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