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    Question Dish Gardens

    I have always been fascinated by dish gardens. I would like to make some, but I could not make them small enough to fit the dish. Can you give me some advice.

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    I have made some dish gardens myself and they are a delight to the eyes. I place them on table tops and counter top and they give freshness to the room. Here are some links
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    I didn't know what you meant by dish gardens so I followed the link. Those are cute! I might have to try making a dish garden myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldMcDonald View Post
    I didn't know what you meant by dish gardens so I followed the link.
    I did the same thing, lol! I agree, these are really cute! It gives me some good ideas that I can do with some little knick-knacks that I have.

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    Hi guys today i want to share that gardening is my hobby and i also have a garden in my home its small but beautiful i visit it in the morning and evening both time for getting some rest and and fell fresh i also make a fence around it which secure it from animals and other criminal activities....

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