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Thread: Properties with natural springs

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    Properties with natural springs

    Suppose you want to buy a property that has a drinkable natural springs. How do you go about locating a property like that. Either they are never for sale or they are some big secret. Still I would love to have some property with a natural springs on it.

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    Such kinds of properties are really rare and hard to find. They are mostly in secluded or wooded areas. You'd be very lucky indeed if you can find and purchase one such property.

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    They are out there, You just have to keep your eyes and ears open. My Uncle's home is fed by a Natural spring, My old home that the ex now has had a huge natural spring with a holding pool, 20 x 20 x 15 concrete and block. this fed a old dairy barn and was also sold to the homes on the hill, the controls were in my basement.

    My Current home has natural springs also, I do not use them for drinking, I have a well.

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    you will definatly find if you ask for in town which are surrounded by secluded or wooded areas. peoples in town make youe work easy as tey know each and every place of the town.

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