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Thread: Extreme home make over show

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    Extreme home make over show

    We have had two local families helped by this show. I was going to go watch but never did. I wish they would rebuild my house. It seems you have to be disabled or have too many kids or something else wrong. Have any of you ever seen them do this in your town?

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    I have never seen this show in my town. I would love to see it and be part of it. My house is not the best in the world but it is not as bad as the ones they have had on the show. I am always glad to see that they are helped. I would love to volunteer.

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    The show has been to my town, and though it does seem that you have to have those things it's really more about need and the ability to give to others in spite of those needs and that's really what it takes. I do know that its a full disclosure of finances in the application process as they will help those in most dire of circumstances.

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    We have shows like this where I live too. They invite you to apply and my wife wrote in once asking for some help because I'd just had a heart attack and we needed our floors renewing. We didn't get any kind of a response, unfortunately!

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    Is it like a home gets a free makeover from the show? That is a good one indeed. Are the townspeople allowed to volunteer as helpers in the construction?

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    As far as I know anyone can volunteer to help. I`m sure though. One of the families they helped here was a guy that got shot and was blinded. He worked at Radio shack and they got robbed. But now they say in the news he can`t pay the mortgage on the new house. I have seen a lot of the shows where they pay the mortgage off for the people they helped. I feel bad for this guy. I think they should have paid his off too.

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