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    Cool Tree House

    We have a large tree with wide spreading branches that looks sturdy. I'd like to buid a tree house which I can perhaps use as my home office.

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    This sounds like a great project. Do you have someone to help you build it or do you think you can do it all by yourself. I have even seen tree house that are not for play but for housing real families. I wouldn't even know how to go around it. Do you have an idea of the things you will need to make it safe?

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    I'm not sure that I'd feel happy having to climb into a tree every time I went to work! It must be a huge tree to be able to hold a building big enough to be an office and you'd have to run electricity out to it. Have you considered that? Best of luck if you go for it!

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    A tree house for a home office? Nah, I can't imagine hauling things up there, unless, of course, it were just a laptop. But, still, it gets cold outside - and during the winter some animals and creepy crawly things will take forage in it. I just stick to my sunroom.

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    We don`t have tree that big here in Florida. But I really like the idea. Maybe you can go to home depot or Lowe's and get some ideas on which wood to use and how to build it strong enough. They both have free classes on home improvement. What a perfect way to have your own space. I love it. Now I just need a big enough tree. Let me know how you end up with one. I want to build one too. Maybe I can just buy another shed and make that my office. But I would need electric too. I`m gonna check this out for sure. It may turn out to be my wifes office lol.

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    I was thinking about making something like a small room with windows and a staircase instead of a ladder. Of course it has to have electricity. It would also have a bunk bed where I can rest if needed. Something like this but higher up the tree:
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    I built a tree fort in the back yard and found a lot of great information in David Stiles' books.

    How-To Books, Plans And Designs For Woodworking Projects.

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