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Thread: Voracious Deer!

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    Voracious Deer!

    The deer devoured a bunch of my evergreens last night. It's been hit or miss with that each winter. I knew I should have made it a point to put up barriers in the fall. How do you deal with this issue?

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    Attachment 2607If you live in the country, and I assume those who visit this forum do, than you have to accept that the deer will come and eat what they want. Plant things they don't like, fence them out of the areas you can't tolerate them foraging in, and accept them eating the rest. Sharing is good!
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    Even plants that they ordinarily don't like will be eaten by them if they are hungry enough. That is especially true of young specimens of things they don't like. Wrapping in burlap works pretty well.

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    my soultion

    here is the only solution I could find that kept the deer herd off the young fruit trees. I tried for 3 years to get fruit trees started, and the D#$n deer would chew them to the ground. I will admit there was some products that worked for a few days at a time, but I didnt want to have to redo it every 3 days to keep the trees safe.

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