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Thread: Tree Stump Indoors

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    Tree Stump Indoors

    I was watching a talk show where they showed tree stumps or remnants of a tree which could be used as a side table, pedistal table or stools, one was store bought and one was made from a tree from someones home; has anyone here done this? Anyone make money from this?

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    I haven't done it, but I have seen them, usually at arts and crafts fairs. If you wanted to make money, you may have to do the fairs too, for a wider pool of customers.

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    I haven't seen one of these but it sounds interesting. I wonder if the stump is buried or just laid on top of the ground. How much does it cost for one tree stump?

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    They sell em all over the place in Arizona, colorado and florida. most are like this.

    Stump Tables & Natural Tree Root Tables

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