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Thread: Waiting to Stain

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    Waiting to Stain

    My husband is building a pergola and needs to stain/seal the 6x6 posts. We bought the stain but then it rained this weekend. How long do we need to wait after rain to use the stain?

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    I would not get in hurry to stain it. It depends on the type of stain (water based or oil based). If the wood is pressure treated than the longer you wait the more effective th stain will be, up to say a year.... The forecast for this part of Florida is dry through the first part of the week, so maybe next weekend if it doesn't rain.... watch the dew point through the week and on Friday...

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    With the weather being unpredictable, is it possible to contain the posts with plastics so that moist or water won't get in? What will happen if the posts were not dry enough and then they were stained?

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    I think it's oil-based stain and we're taking your advice to wait for the weekend. Thanks!

    Spartacus, they are pressure-treated so they can get a little wet initially. If we stain when wet, I'm not sure the stain will look right and we'd also be sealing moisture in.

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