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Thread: Chain Link and Picketed

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    Chain Link and Picketed

    We're debating whether to do a chained linked fence or the white picketed fence around the back yard but I have concerns with both. How do you keep a chain linked fence from rusting and a white picked fence from growing mildew as I live in an higher mountain area that rains off and on year around? Although I notice that more on fabricated fencing. With today's technology am I worrying for nothing?

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    The chain link fence around our back yard is 21 years old and has not rusted yet. Chain link fencing comes in various grades. Normally, the big box stores only carry the residential grade, which is what we have around our back yard. Fence companies normally quote the residential grade unless you insist on a commercial grade. If you get competitive quotes, be sure everyone is quoting the same grade.

    If children or pets may try to climb the chain link fence, you want to be sure the sharp points are at the ground.

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