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    Leftover Tile

    I have some 4 x 4 inch slate tiles left over from doing a kitchen backsplash project about a year ago. I hate to just pitch it. Any creative uses for these, do you think?

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    One of the easiest projects are hot plates which any craft store has either gel, cork, or felt feet to add to the bottom and if you want to hide the back a cut out piece of cork or felt can be used to cover that also. I used some to make a mosaic for a stained lap tray.

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    Do you need any kind of entranceway or walkway bits, maybe outdoors or in the garage? I wouldn't just chuck it. Have you ever used Freecycle? I'll bet someone could use, if you can't.

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    If you can't find any use for them you could donate them to Habitat For Humanity if there is an facility nearby. Or you could donate them to a scout troop to use for crafts.

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