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Thread: Swimming on Ice

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    Swimming on Ice

    I have seen this video in Youtube about people swimming on icy waters. I wonder if these people don't suffer from hypothermia after taking a dip on those cold waters. If given the chance (or dare) would you swim on icy waters?

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    I don't know how they do it either but they have a lot of special events where people go swimming in just horrid temperatures. You couldn't get me near the water when it's that cold.

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    I would not swim in icy waters, but I once did a 'polar dip' and I will not do that again. It was for charity and it was good in theory. But once I hit that water I wanted out immediately.

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    I could never handle being in icy water either. I used to take cold showers during midwest winters though. The shower sucks but after you get out you feel a warm flush and wonderfully invigorated. Maybe that's why people do it.

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    I once went from a 1/2 hour in a 120 degree sauna to an alpine lake that was just barely iced over so the water was as cold as water gets. I found it very unpleasant. The feeling you get afterwards is kind of nice but hard to describe. I did it once, once is enough for me.
    I should mention that I'm a huge sissy when it comes to cold water. If the pool is below 72, I'm not gettin it. People say "it feels great". No to me. I've lived in Florida for to long. I look like a cat around a cool swimming pool.

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    I wouldn't go for a swim in an icy water but I can swim in a pool that is just below lukewarm. I love swimming at the lake and the water is usually cold. My problem with swimming in cold waters is that I easily get leg cramps.

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    This is definitely not something that I am interested in doing, either. I love swimming, but I prefer to go in warm water even more than cold, so icy water is for sure out.

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    How they swim on icy water??

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