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Thread: Playing with toys (dogs)

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    Playing with toys (dogs)

    Do your dogs have toys they like to play with? It's really funny what is happening around here as my dogs are changing personalities. The oldest never liked toys and now she can't enough of them. It's just a hoot.

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    We have a Chihuahua and my wife has acquired a ridiculous basket full of stuffed animal/toys. So frequently in the evening, the dog brings one of those toys for me to try to take it away from her and throw it for her to go get it and do it all over again.

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    It certainly is a lot of fun. I get a lot of joy from watching the dogs play. These last couple of toys that my dogs got were gifts from a friend, and they just adore them.

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    My dog loves the chewy dog bones. The bigger the better. We get him one and he will just gnaw the heck out of that thing until it is completely destroyed. Then he wants another one. He never gets tired of it either. I figure the guy who invented the dog bone must be a billionaire. LOL!

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    I have a terrier mix who is white with black random-sized circles, so her name is Cow. Cow loves to play with tennis balls. We'll go outside and I'll throw the ball and she runs after it like crazy. She'll play as long as you play with her.

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    My dog loves to play tug of war and fetch. She chases a tennis ball, but it has to be the yellow kind (not the dog toys that are colorful) and she will play tug of war with just about anything that you play with her with.

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    My big dog loves a frisbee - and failing that any old stick will do. My small dog has a rope toy in the form of a ring which he likes to have placed around hi neck - he then "carries" it between his teeth.

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