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Thread: Knitting as pain relief

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    Knitting as pain relief

    I have recently taken up knitting again as somzebody told me how she used it for pain relief - and I have to say that it works for my fibromyalgia. In addition I made all of my Christmas presents - so it helped my wallet too.

    Does anybody else use crafting as therapy ?

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    I started knitting again after 40 years because of arthritis from hours of typing a day...and it is helping. It's also calming. Just a few weeks after I started knitting, my husband had to go to the hospital, and it was therapeutic in keeping me from climbing the walls and being a nuisance to hospital staff every few minutes. ("Where IS he? What's HAPPENING?")

    Re-learning has involved a learning curve, though. My mother, who died in 1990, knew all kinds of tricks that I didn't learn when I was I'm having to find other sources or re-invent ways to cope with my mistakes.

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