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Thread: Your favorite cartoon...

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    Your favorite cartoon...

    Friends tell me which is your favorite cartoon show...
    mine favorites are..

    Happy tree friends
    Case closed
    American dad
    Family Guy..

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    My favorite cartoon are:
    Family Guy
    The Simpson
    Death note

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    I'm old school (perhaps older than both of you) and I used to watch The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show every Saturday morning. Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, Tweety, Sylvester and all the crew. There was nothing better than getting up Saturday mornings, knowing my cartoons were about to come on.

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    Yep, JimBob, you've named the best ones. And my all time favorite was the Roadrunner. So much so that I have a framed sketch of the Roadrunner on the wall right behind me now. It was done by our 45 year old daughter when she was 14.:laughing: And I bought the first Plymounth Roadrunner I ever saw in Dallas in 1968.:laughing: My wife still says that was her favorite among all the cars we've owned. It was a really good car, except for lousy gas mileage and frequent changes of fouled spark plugs.:laughing:

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    I really don't watch cartoons anymore unless Shrek counts (hubby's favorite). I remember the Bugs Bunny show too and my favorite was Taz and Tweety. Actually, nicknamed my oldest daughter Tweety.

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    I love Recess. I do not know why they had taken them out of circulation. I also like Animaniacs, Flinstones and the Justice League. One thing I know I don't like is Sponge Bob, and the one I hate is South Park.

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    Let me go real old school on you. Remember Johnny Quest, Underdog, Bullwinkle. I still love Scobey Doo Mysteries even though I always knew who the villian was. Those were the good old days.


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    The Flintstones, Bennie and Cecil. The Flintstones were the first to go prime time on Friday nights.

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    Old school cartoons still capture my attention: Johnny Quest, Robotech, G-Force. I love the older Japanese Animation cartoons that come out in the 70s and 80s. They never are out of date on the subject matter and trump the newer cartoons in plot. Wish the production studios would release the originals on boxsets. So hard to find copies of my favorite cartoons now.

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    I love SpongeBob! In fact, my entire family does. We just laugh and laugh at him and his underwater friends. I also enjoy watching Olivia, Franklin, and Hello Kitty with my girl's. I don't get a lot of "alone" TV watching time with two small children in the house. But, luckily, I enjoy some of their programming.

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