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Thread: Feeding birds in Winter?

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    Feeding birds in Winter?

    Do you feed the birds in the winter? How do you do it? I want my husband to build a standing platform for them to eat off of, I am just not sure if it is practical.

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    We use hanging bird feeders. What ever you built or set up, be sure it is covered to protect it from rain or snow. Love to watch the Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, Tufted Titmouse and various Finches at our feeders.
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    We used to have a bird table but now I just throw small pieces of bacon rind, cheese and bread outside on the grass. there is always one blackbird sitting fearlessly on my step waiting for his breakfast every morning!

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    Oh yes, I feed the wild birds all winter long. It's nice to look out and see the Cardinals, the Chickadees, and the Titmice. I've even been known to have Woodpeckers and Canaries visit my feeders. In the summer, I feed hummers.

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