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Thread: Roast

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    Not likely that they will turn out in the Micro. Popcorn is dried, while chick peas are not. Add to that the micro popcorn is packaged in a special bag with a heater in the bottom.

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    We recently cooked a roast in a pressure cooker. It was great. Brown all four sides first, in the cooker, then add half cup beef broth and pressure cook per directions. Add vegetables, pressure cook for a few minutes, remove, serve and enjoy.
    Bird I like your menu ideas simple and good to the last drop....

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    We recently cooked a roast in a pressure cooker. It was great.
    Roasts cooked in pressure cookers are very good (usually).:laughing: It's been awhile, but my wife used to cook a beef roast in a regular pan in the oven and would pour a can of beer over the roast when she started to put it in the oven. That also made a very good roast. However, one day when we were about to cook a roast in the pressure cooker, I poured a can of beer on it. Bad mistake.:laughing: As most, if not all, of you probably know, when you cook with beer or wine, the alcohol evaporates and disappears. But in the pressure cooker, it was trapped. I wouldn't know how to describe the flavor of that roast, but suffice it to say I won't ever include beer or wine in a pressure cooker again.:laughing:

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    I like to slow-roast a beef roast. Put it in a slow oven (250) for a few hours. It comes out nice and crispy on the outside, and medium rare all the way to about half an inch from the outside. Delicious.

    When I put it on the crockpot, I put in two cans of cream of mushroom soup, a quarter of a cup of white wine, a teaspoon of sugar, and salt, pepper and garlic. Later I add in some vegetables. Oh, it is SO good.

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    Stop it!! Stop it!! You all are making me hungry. I absolutely LOVE beef roast and potatoes. Nice and crispy on the outside. Moist and tender on the inside. Maybe this will be my Sunday dinner this week.


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