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Thread: crafts for 4 year old

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    crafts for 4 year old

    I am not really a crafty person. So, with that in mind, what are some good easy crafts that you would recommend to go with a four year old?
    The only thing we do right now is draw, paint, cut paper, play with play-doh, and beading. Is there anything else that would be age appropriate?


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    You could make a simple hanging bird feeder. Fair warning though- it's super messy.

    Collect empty toilet paper tubes, cheap peanut butter, bird seed, and string. Set out some newspaper to try to control the mess, and have your child spread peanut butter on the tubes then roll them in bird seed. Put the string through the tubes and tie it in a knot, then help your child hang the feeders from a tree.

    Voila! An easy, fun craft that's inexpensive and perfect for a four year old.

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    Awesome! Thanks for that. I think I remember doing something similar to that when I was growing up and enjoyed it. So, I will be doing this with my child. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    I have a four year old girl and we have been doing a lot this year.
    I have a spot in the barn where she has a big box of cut off wood, she also has paint and glue, and a tool bag.
    My rule to her is that if she learns how to use it and cleans up the right way she gets to keep the tool.
    She loves using the sandpaper, then glueing things and then painting the "castles" with acrylic paint. (I have a can with water and some rags for her to clean up). She also loves making fairy garden things. We made a ton of houses swings, and boats for her fairy garden planters.
    With four I find that she is happy just being able to build, and get messy. She loves barn time. We also made a few bird houses, she painted them.

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