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    Fly Control

    Sometimes the easiest things seem make the most sense. There was an article that suggested that if you take a closeable clear plastic bag, fill it with water and place a few pennies in it, this should repel flies. It has something to do with the flys vision and the magnification of the pennies in the water. Has anyone ever heard of this and tried this method? If so, what were your results?

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    This is the most bizarre thing I have ever heard! Where do you place this bag as flies come into the house through open windows and doors so they won't even see it until they are in your house.

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    Here is what I am reading about this bizarre fly control method. It is reported that people place or hang these bags on window sills, or porch railings or on the table if you are eating outside. I realize it certainly does sound strange, but part of me is hoping that it does work. Would much rather have a water bag filled with pennies vs. spraying chemicals. Besides, think of what a conversation piece it would make!

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