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Thread: What should I get?

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    What should I get?

    We have had lots of pets, from chipmunks to budgies but currently don't have anything and I miss having a pet. We have a small house and the garden isn't fenced so we can't have a dog. My husband doesn't like cats, so what should we go for that won't take much work?

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    Have you tried birds or fish? These pets can live in closed containers. Although, I'm not fond of having pets that are like prisoners because I prefer my pets to roam free.

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    We have had birds before. We had a pair of love birds once but they were awfully noisy and we had finches and budgies but they always leave a mess under the cage. I may try a fish tank as my parents had tropical fish when I was a child.

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    Fish can be surprisingly good pets. I didn't think so when we first got them; it's not like you can pet them. But I grew really attached to the fish!

    There are so many different kinds that you can surely find ones you really like. And even though they require some maintenance, you can leave them for the weekend when you travel with no problem. That's a big plus!

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    I agree that fish can be great pets. We have a tank of freshwater fish and I just love to watch them when I'm sitting in the living room. There are so many to choose from and some freshwater fish have beautiful colors like tropical fish (but without the hassle of a so much maintenance). I also love the freshwater puffer fish, although they don't get along well with most fish. They are really cute though.

    Turtles also make great pets and they are quiet. The swimming turtles are fun to watch too. Have you thought about having a ferret? They are curious mischievous creatures, but they can be kept in cages and run free in the house when supervised. They make great pets and provide hours of entertainment. They are also nice to pet and hold.
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    Ferrets do look interesting but I'd be afraid of being bitten since I saw one bite a TV presenter once and it held on. Also, wouldn't they mess in the house?

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    I think that you should have the tortoise . It will look good and and keep your aquarium dust free. you can also keep some of the fish. and when you see a tortoise in abunch if fishes it would look amazing . Try this as I am having one.

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